National Innovation Ecosystem

Malta Innovation Forum is actively promoting a National Innovation Ecosystem. This ecosystem is to be built through consultation and collaboration with all the public, private and voluntary innovation stakeholders, and through the Capacity Building Methodology.


Capacity Building Methodology

This methodologycomprises the development of the following four thrusts :
  1. Policy and Legislation
  2. Institutional Development
  3. HR Development
  4. Community Dissemination & Engagement

Each thrust acts as like a leg in a 4-leg chair – complimenting the other three thrusts.


The Challenge

  • Post-Covid innovation critical for economic recovery 
  • Innovation not central enough to sustainable economic competitiveness. Less than 1% of GDP.
  • Mediocre rating on EU’s Inno Barometer
  • Fragmented initiatives

The Solution


Connecting nodes  through collaboration and networking

Answering phone calls

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Active innovation

Not creating a new entity – but developing an active innovation community

Basic data entry

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Setting up of an national Innovation Ecosystem

Organizing calendar

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Exporting The National Innovation Ecosystem

MIF is interesting in sharing (exporting) the innovation knowledge to other countries – especially to countries within the Mediterrean basin.

Malta, the smallest EU state, is a microcosm of a larger country. Through the development of a National Innovation Ecosystem we also plan to become a global test bed for other small nations and small states.

Malta, also due to its geo-strategic position at the periphery of Europe and the center of the Mediterrean could become an important node for EU-Med collaboration in the development of innovation infrastructures in the region.

We plan to share the blueprint of Malta’s innovation ecosystem to other EU and non-EU states.